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Thread: Bjorn

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    OH recently started watching Vikings with me on the History Channel and has repeatedly mentioned Bjorn. I love the sound and the meaning but it seems a little "out there". I've looked for something that seems as awesome for a middle name for James and have come up with Torbjorn, Torben, Torkel, Bjarne, and Esben but none of them seem usable.

    My concerns are if they're too out there and if people will be able to pronounce them. Any ideas, opinions, concerns, etc.


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    I think Bjorn is usable (especially if you have some Scandinavian roots). I think it is recognizable, and it's pronunciation would probably be pronounced correctly by most Americans (and probably Europeans too). It seems to me to be one of the more common and recognizable Scandinavian names. Give me a Scandinavian name, and most of the time I don't know how to say it and it gets all mumbled up in my mouth, but this one is clear and straight-forward. That being said, I'm not actually the biggest fan of the name, and personally would probably only consider it as a middle name option if I was honoring someone specific or honoring certain heritage roots (or was a huge Bjork fan).

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    I think this is one of the exotic names that are actually quite usable in English-speaking countries.

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    Thanks for your input. OH decided he likes Torbjorn since it has Bjorn and Thor in it.

    Does James Torbjorn/Thorbjorn Baker sound okay?
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    Bjorn is a bit out there as a 1st name, although it depends where you're from. I could see it being problematic in some parts of the U.S... Have you also considered Leif? James Torbjorn is quite nice... I'd only use it as a mn, though...
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