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    Especially with all the Lincoln stuff out in pop culture right now, I could see it at least breaking top 100, if not 50. But if you love it and it means something to you, I say go for it regardless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mclola View Post
    Lincoln was #139 in 2012, so if it jumped 100 places it would break the top 50. It has risen 500 places in the last ten years.
    Well, clearly I didn't do my research thoroughly. I was looking at decade lists for general boy trends as opposed to last year's list.

    But like someone else said, there's been a LOT of Lincoln in pop culture recently, with movies and celebrity names, so I see it more as a fad than a 'permanent addition.' I simply can't see this name rising to incredible levels of popularity. Even breaking the top 200 isn't ridiculously popular; it really just makes a name known as opposed to uncommon. Lincoln might become normal, but it'll have a hard time knocking out those Johns and James's and Matthews.
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    I'd say it is probably going to rise in popularity but I don't think like every other boy is going to be called Lincoln. If you really love the name, use it. If it's not your fav, then pick something else regardless of its popularity. If you really are interested in honoring Honest Abe, I don't see Abraham being in the top 20 anytime soon (and if you don't care for Abe, try Bram). If you want to honor presidents, Monroe is a cool choice, and there's Franklin (Roosevelt), Theodore (also Roosevelt), Johnson (nn Jack still can apply here, or Sonny), George (might coninue to rise in popularity a bit, honestly I was surprised to see it in the top 1000) Eisenhower (intersting choice, nn Howie?), Wilson, Jefferson (so awesome! I'd love to meet a little Jefferson), Quincy, Pierce, Grant, Hayes (could be interesting...), Rutherford (nn Ford?), Harding (nn Hardy?), Ford, or Roosevelt (nn Roo? not sure how I feel about it...). Anyways... Best of luck!

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    yes and no I don't think it's going into the top 100 this year. I think that if you named a boy Lincoln, he might know another one. But he might not. I think it's very possible he'll be the only one in his class. I wouldn't worry. It's not going to be in the top overnight. Also keep in mind, Lincoln only has one spelling so it's actually less popular than a name Aden. For most of their lives kids stay with kids who are the same age as them. I wouldn't worry if 10 years down the line it went into the top ten. Good Luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jess0044 View Post
    Top 100? Almost definitely. 50? Maybe. 20? I can't see it happening.
    I agree with this completely.
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