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    Probably not. The top boy's names are pretty consistently biblical/family names; John, James, Michael, William, Matthew, Anthony, Andrew... They've been changing more recently to reflect a more 'trendy' style, but I don't see Lincoln as one of those. Aiden is a fad, from my perspective; even with it's top place the last couple years, it's still only 54 for the last decade.

    I can see Lincoln jumping one or two hundred places, but it will probably not gain the kind of popularity to be worried about.

    Nameberry Perspective is almost a different dimension as far as popularity goes; I can see it making the top 50 among our ranks pretty soon, but certainly NOT nationally. Something rather drastic would have to happen culturally to shake the last 100 years of boy naming tradition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by celianne View Post

    I can see Lincoln jumping one or two hundred places, but it will probably not gain the kind of popularity to be worried about.
    Lincoln was #139 in 2012, so if it jumped 100 places it would break the top 50. It has risen 500 places in the last ten years.
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    I'd say Lincoln making it to the Top 100 is a sure bet, and it will happen within the next few years. As for whether or not it could climb all the way to the 25-50 range...maybe. It will take some time, but it wouldn't surprise me a bit considering that it's already trending sharply upward, it has a famous association (who is currently a popular subject in books and film), it has a cool nickname, and it fits in very well with a number of names that are already quite popular -- surnamey, two-syllable, ends-with-N, etc.

    Yeah, it's on its way up. It's still a great name, though, and it's a different thing to be born on the leading edge of a name's popularity than it is to be born in the thick of it. I wouldn't rush to give Lincoln up just because it's becoming more popular.
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    Top 100? Almost definitely. 50? Maybe. 20? I can't see it happening.

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    It is one the names we are considering if this baby is a boy. I definitely see it rising. It fits with the surname trend. Lincoln has been popular recently with the release of TWO different Lincoln movies and Dax Shepard/Kristen Ball naming their daughter Lincoln Bell.

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