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  • Brigitte

    29 52.73%
  • Cosima

    26 47.27%
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    Brigitte goes better with Eleanor. Though of the two Cosima would have been my pick.

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    Cosima, because it's more feminine and dainty and I love "a" endings. But neither Mary nor Katherine work too well with it- the same hard consonant beginning as Katherine, repeated "ma" in CosiMA MAry. With Brigitte, I would do Brigitte Marie (sounds very French, in a good way)!

    If you're trying to honour a Mary or Katherine, what about Cosima Wren (similar to ending of Katherine), Cosima Molly or Cosima Polly?
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    How do you say Cosima? Is it Coz-ee-ma?
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    I love them both but went with Cosima, simply because a Brigitte in an English speaking country would constantly be correcting people, "its not Bridget, its Brigitte." But Brigitte flows better with your middles.
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