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    Don't fret if you don't have a name before the baby comes. Just wait until he/she is born. If it's a girl, then you don't have to worry. For the boy names, go into the delivery room with your very favorite, his very favorite, and a few compromise names. You can decide after he is born. I think this is especially helpful for people who change their minds a lot (like me!). Once baby is here and you agree on a name, there is no changing your mind! Good luck!

    Oh, I also have to say that I love Elias and Elijah, so I feel like this could be a good compromise for you.
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    Zane and Rowan are my faves!

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    Please don't stress about this too much. Speaking from experience, my husband and I were in the exact same position, just reversed- we had the boy name, but not the girl name. The baby ended up being a boy, so we were stressed for no reason. Also, after he witnessed the whole 'labor' and 'delivery' part of pregnancy, I'm pretty sure he would have given in to any name I wanted. Keep that in mind. I also like the previous suggestion of getting the list down somewhat and then giving him veto power for one or two options. Good luck and best wishes!

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    I love Leonidas and Elias!

    He could use Leo or Eli as a nick name for them. How about Elliot?

    I told my husband since we couldn't agree much that I should just be able to name the baby after carrying it this whole time in my womb he agreed and told me to just pick as long as it wasn't something he literally hated.

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    The main problem seems not so much to be your disagreement, but the big distance between your two lists. He likes Jayden and you iike Apollo? There's got to be some middle ground.

    So I suggest you play some list games. Each pick four names that, if the choice were only yours, you'd choose--and then let the other eliminate the two they dislike the most. Then talk through the remaining four and see if you can mutually narrow it to two options to take to the hospital with you.

    Or, you could each set yourself the task of coming up with two or three names that you think the other would like. You might surprise each other that way, with a name you've not come up with yet but that is a compromise you can both agree on (just as the berries have).

    For what it's worth, this is not too different from what DH and I did with our last daughter, except that both my older daughters demanded a say too. We did a lot of ballotting, eliminating, ranking, adding new suggesions. And we ended up with a name that was not on my list at all (because I tend to overthink), but which I love. It has meaning for my husband, all the right vocal curves and name-qualities for me, and really the kids picked it. Everyone is happy. (We use this system for naming pets too!).

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