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    *dying whale noise* my son is just never going to have a name :(

    I'll be full term in 6 days. A daughter will be Lillian (undecided middle name). We settled on that a few nights ago.

    My problem? Dad likes names that are stupid, and I like names that are awesome. Ok - I'm kidding. But he's into trendy, modern, popular names, and I'm into naming our kid Apollo Jude Lysander. Or Leonidas.

    My list:

    Leo (Leonidas would be my #1 choice, but I'd be fine with a little Leopold, or even Leonardo)

    His list:

    Elijah (he suggested after I said "Elias?" 100 times. I don't want Elijah, I think it's too soft sounding, I think of Elijah Wood).

    A couple of days ago, we agreed on Sterling. It definitely wasn't my top choice - I like the name, just am not sure I could picture it on MY kid. But it was the best one we'd agreed on. Then he changed his mind about Sterling, and I was kind of relieved. Maybe.

    I got him to agree to Rowan yesterday, and we shook on it and said we wouldn't change our minds again. Then, three hours later, he's "not too sure about Rowan". He also said Tristan "wasn't too bad", but would have to be a last resort. I might end up just putting my foot down and saying it's going to be Rowan, but I also do really want to pick a name we both really like. And I love the name Rowan, but not like I love Apollo or Elias.

    How the heck do we compromise when we have DRASTICALLY different taste in names? I also think I'm way pickier with boy's names than with girls.
    Lillian Elizabeth 6.16.13

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