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    I also think "march as a verb" is probably what holds March back as a name, but it is still my favorite month name for a boy.
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    I think of a combination of things.

    1. I think of the verb march, which is kind of harsh and militant to me.
    2. When I think of August I think warm weather, summer, and beaches. April I think of spring and nice spring rain. May makes me think of flowers and Memorial Day and the warm weather. March in my area is cold, can still get snow but kinda melty half snow. March is a deceptive month; it's when spring starts, but it's still pretty dreary.
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    March seems a bit feminine to me IMO while August seems more masculine.

    I grew up with a girl named September and she hated it. It's not as common as April, May, June. She was actually due in September but didnt show up until October but by then her parents had fallen completely in love with the name and didnt let her late arrival deter them from using September.

    One of my guilty pleasure names is December for a girl. Not sure if I would ever use it, but I love it.

    In the end, its your child. Name it what you want.

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