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    Month name. March for boy name?

    Ive posted before about choosing between March and Cormac and most ppl preferred Cormac.

    I still love March and just wondering is there anything im missing that makes it a bad name choice? Does anyone know a person named after a month that had a problem with their name?

    It seems to me August is very popular at the moment for boys why is March not as cool?

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    Well you have August, May, June, April which are names people use. I think there's a celebrity with a kid called December Rose (Which I quite like actually). Personally I'm not keen on them being named after months as such. - My boyfriends nan's middle name is May but not because of the month. - I new a girl called Tuesday.

    I think Cormac March .... - Might be quite cute but not March being the first name.

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    I actually kind of like it, but it is not just a month it is also a verb. It may sound like you are always telling your kid to march
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    I kind of like it but I don't think of March the month but the verb.
    (Granted when I hear August I think of the word as well. As in "august and famous studio").
    So when I hear March I think Military march. Or "march up to your room" or something like that. Neither of which I find compelling enough to name a child.
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    I don't have a strong opinion on March but Cormac reminds me of tarmac.

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