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    Thank you guys. I really like Kayla Elise, Kayla Noelle, and Kayla Elisabeth.

    Any thoughts on Kayla Emilia or Kayla Emery? I love E names. A friend suggested Kayla Katherine or Katerina but I think that's too close.

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    Kayla Rose is beautiful. Thank you!!!

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    Congratulations to your sister! (And you )

    Sorry for any repeats... I haven't checked what others have said yet.

    Kayla is sweet, but not my style either. As long as your sister loves it thought that's what matters!

    Kayla Eleanor
    Kayla Charlotte
    Kayla Camille
    Kayla Claudette
    Kayla Imogen
    Kayla Scarlett
    Kayla Iris
    Kayla Olivia
    Kayla Isabel
    Kayla Stephanie
    Kayla Juliet
    Kayla Ivy
    Kayla Mae
    Kayla Yvette
    Kayla Kristine
    Kayla Chelsea
    Kayla Roseanne
    Kayla Roseanna
    Kayla Annabelle
    Kayla Belle

    Hope this helps!

    Best Wishes x

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    Is Kayla Rose what you two went with? It's a darling combo.

    Kayla Emilia's just fine by me, but for some reason Kayla Emery doesn't flow as well in my mind. I'm still nurturing a soft spot for Kayla Elise.

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