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    Middle name for baby Kayla

    My sister is set on naming her daughter Kayla. She's letting me choose the middle name (she's a single mom). Kayla isn't really my style so I'm having trouble finding a middle name that fits. I'm a fan of classic names, but mostly, I want a name that just goes well with Kayla. Last name is two syllables. There should be no issues there.

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    Kayla Irene
    Kayla Claire is awfully sweet
    Kayla Joy
    Kayla Christine
    Kayla Elise

    Kayla's not my style either, but it is easy to picture a sweet-cheeked little girl and roll the name around on my tongue. Congratulations on your niece!

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    Kayla Elise sounds really pretty
    Kayla Josephine
    Kayla Elizabeth
    Kayla Abigail
    Kayla May
    Kayla Emeline
    Kayla Isabelle
    i think those all sound great together!

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