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    I have middle name but need help with first

    We are having a baby boy ( I was certain it would be a girl, but ultrasound gave a clear picture of a boy!) I had a girls name picked out, but I can't decide for a boy. We have a middle name, actually 2. So, it will be ___ Alfred Augustus. The names are our grandfathers. We have a 1 syllable last name starting with G. This is baby 4, so there is Alexander Eagan (Alex), Anastasia Marie (Ana),and Cameron Quentin already. What I like is Paul or Dominic. Any suggestions or which of the 2 do you like?

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    javad Guest
    Dominic is a great name! Paul is okay, just a bit boring for my taste. Dominic also goes together with your two middle names better. I think Augustus could be a pretty cool first name too, if instead you just wanted to go with Augustus Alfred G____.

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    Alexander, Anastasia, & Cameron are all longer, multisyllabic names. Paul looks too short and Biblical (esp. with a one-syllable last name). Dominic would fit right in with that bunch!

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    I absolutely love Paul, but not with a 1 syllable name. Between your choices, I'd go with Dominic...
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    karacavazos Guest
    Since Alexander and Anastasia both start with A, might you be interested in another C name to go with Cameron? Christopher Alfred Augustus, for example, is handsome. Just an idea.

    Otherwise, I like Dominic Alfred Augustus.

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