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    Lovin Our List! Just Need Help With Middles

    Hey there berries! I'm back again! I need some middle name help. Here's what we have:

    Merrick Liam - this one is set and ready to go!

    Callen Thomas- I'm not totally in love with Thomas paired with Callen. I'd like to use maybe something that sounds a little softer. Liam has a very sweet soft sound in my opinion.

    McCoy- I am so so so so in love with McCoy right now and so is my husband. Which spelling do you think is best... McCoy or Mckoy? We love the nns Mac and koy and Micky, and my husband walks around saying 'McCoy my boy' which I think is adorable. We just can't find a middle name that we like the sound of. We sort of like McCoy Jameson but it is a bit overboard Irish sounding.

    Zealand- we love love love this name too, with nn Zeal or Zealy. It def needs a very grounded and plain mn with it. I was thinking Zealand Thomas or Zealand John or Jonathan after my dad. Any thoughts?


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    I agree with you on needing something softer than Thomas to pair with Callen what about Callen Everett. Some soft sounding middle names DH and I like are Jules, Rhys, Giles, Graham, Rowen. I posted about soft sounding names a while back you could look at what other berries had to say.

    I would spell it McCoy not Mckoy. I would also not pair it with another surname maybe you could use Thomas with this one, McCoy Thomas?

    The only think I could think to pair with Zealand was George. Zealand George, kinda cool.

    Hope I was helpful. Glad you found first names you love. Also I think it's easier to work on middle names when you set some ground rule like how many syllables or something to let us know how it will flow with your last name.
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