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    I definitely prefer Cecilia to Cecily. The nn Ceci is cute, but I do prefer CeCe (at first glance, that's how I thought Ceci was pronounced). I don't like Celia- it reminds me of a snake. And I know the meaning of Cecilia isn't great, but I love reading the story of St. Cecilia. I'll include the link below. I don't know what religion you are, but it's an interesting read no matter what.

    Interestingly, she is also known as St. Cecily.
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    I love Cecilia and Celia!

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    I adore Cecily! I prefer it to Cecelia, Cecilia, and Celia because Cecily is a bit spunkier and also just seems sturdier. I think the "y" ending helps the name immensely, because the ending of Cecelia and Cecilia seems a bit uncertain for some reason, I think because so many of the same letters keep repeating. In fact, that is why I prefer the Cecilia spelling to the Cecelia spelling because I don't like that "ce" repeats in Cecelia. I think the nickname Celia works just as well for Cecilia as it does for Cecelia, because if you remove "cil" from Cecilia, you still get Celia. I prefer Cecilia to just Celia because Celia can always be a nickname for Cecilia, but it doesn't work the other way around.

    As for a nickname, I think Ceci (pronounced SESS-E) would be really cute for Cecily. I don't think you have to worry about people pronouncing Ceci as C.C. because people rarely write out nicknames anyway. I also like the nickname Lily for Cecily, but I have always wondered if that would be too much of a stretch.

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    I personally love Celia best. I also really enjoy Cecelia.

    I think i would like Cecily, if I hadn't have known the most horrid girl in elementary school who tried to ruin my life on the bus everyday. Bad memories.

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    I don't like the Cecelia spelling--something about the 'Cece' just rubs me the wrong way. But I love Celia--and I think it could just as easily be a nickname for Cecilia. I'm not at all a fan of Cecily, though. It sounds very stuck-up to me.
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