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    Obsessing over this name!! :) Need some insight

    As most of you probably already know, since I've posted a million times lol, I love vintage/classic names that are uncommon but not unheard of. I also like names that have various nickname options. Right now I'm in love with the name Cecily nn Ceci [pronounced SESS-E]. What do you all think?

    Do you prefer Cecilia/Cecelia? What are your thoughts on the spelling variations of this name? I am drawn towards the nn Celia so I am partial to the spelling Cecelia. However, the traditional spelling appears to be Cecilia. Is there a significant difference here? Does either spelling give you a different feel for the name? Any overall views on this name would be much appreciated.

    I would also LOVE to hear everyone's personal list of favorites. Feel free to include nicknames and middle names if you'd like.


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    I prefer Cecilia but Cecily is just as pretty. I don't care for Celia at all, it reminds me of Celiac's disease and Cecelia looks like a misspelled version of Cecilia.

    Ceci/Cecy is my favorite nickname for Cecilia. I know a woman from Mexico whose name is Cecilia and when she was younger, she went by Cecy (sess-ee).
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    If I saw the nickname Ceci, I'd say it CC. IMO, Sess-ee reminds me of incest, but I might be the only one who feels that way. I like Sis, Cici (CC) or Sil much better.

    Cecilia would have to be my preferred spelling, but both are fine. Since both are fairly uncommon, Cecelia wouldn't be constantly misspelled as Cecilia.
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    Now that I look at it, I think you all are right. No reason to change the traditional spelling of a name just to suit a nickname. I think Cecilia is beautiful, however I hate that it means blind which is why I included Celia as it has a much nicer meaning. The thing is I don't care so much for the sound of Celia lol. It sounds a bit unfinished to me.

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    Out of Cecily, Cecilia, and Celia, Cecily is my favourite. However, the "sess" sound makes me think of a cesspool, which is why I'm not positive on adding it to my list (as well as the not so great meaning). Also, if I saw the nn Ceci, I would definitely say CC. As for the Cecilia vs. Cecelia thing, I really don't have a preference. I guess I would pick Cecilia just because people would commonly spell it that way.

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