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    I like Serah! Polka would be a good name for a spotty bunny too. I've been contemplating Sora (Kingdom Hearts, even though he's the boy and bunny's a girl)too. Might try them all on her and see which suits.
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    You could call her Serafina, nn Serah.
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    I had a bunny years ago and his name was Benjamin Bunny, not much help though eh? XD

    If you want to stick with the sonic theme you could call her Amy Rose after Sonic's girlfriend. I personally don't much like that for a rabbit though. I'll second Daisy, that comes off as a bunny name and does have a video game tie in. Sora isn't bad I think it would would work. I also kind of like Sunny, Sophie, or Sally... idk I think an S name would be nice on a bunny. ^_^
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