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Thread: Leia or Leah

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    Quote Originally Posted by augusta_lee View Post
    It depends on how you're going to pronounce it. My name is Leah (that spelling) pronounced LAY-uh, like Star Wars. And yes, it has been mispronounced LEE-uh my entire life. It's gotten to the point where I'm considering changing the spelling to Leia, though I prefer the Leah spelling for all sorts of reasons (not least of which is the fact that in conjunction with my last name it is recognizably Jewish), since my career involves having my work published and nobody knowing how to say your d@mn name is kind of a liability in that field. SIGH.

    tl;dr: If you're going to pronounce it LAY-uh, please don't spell it Leah. Trust me, you won't be doing your kid any favors.
    I would pronounce Leah (LEE-uh) and Leia (LAY-uh). I think those are the tradition pronunciations/spellings? Please correct me if I'm wrong!

    Quote Originally Posted by gretel View Post
    Completely depends on the pronunciation you prefer. As Augusta_Lee said, if you prefer LAY-uh, go with Leia, but if you want LEE-uh, Leah is the way to go.

    I think both spellings are nice.
    The issue is is that I love both names/both pronunciations! I currently don't prefer one over the other.

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    I like both, but I'd probably go for Leah. Leia will get you a lot of Star Wars comments.

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    I don't even watch star wars, but I think I'll go with Leia. I just love the pronounciation better.
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    As a Leah, I feel particularly invested in this thread. Yes, the LAY-uh pronunciation has gotten me a lifetime of Star Wars comments; no, that has never bothered me. I actually like the association. Leia is a badass. I definitely prefer LAY-uh to LEE-uh, though I'm admittedly biased. From what I've been told, LAY-uh is the Hebrew pronunciation of Leah, and, probably not coincidentally, all of the other Leahs-pronounced-LAYuh that I've met have been Jewish.

    I don't know if popularity is a consideration, but LAYuh is considerably rarer than LEEuh, in my experience. However, bear in mind that the 'lay' and 'lee' sounds are very popular: I've been in many situations where there's at least one Lia, an Aaliyah, a Lila, and a Layla. Since all of these names are shooting up the charts in various configurations, I would emphasize even more the importance of a phonetic spelling. I really can't overstate how frustrating it's been to constantly correct people on how to say my name, and I'm sure it will be even more of a trial for a kid in a classroom full of sound-alikes. That said, I do love my name!
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    I love Leah, but Leia is more unusual and would get more attention. Depends on what you want out of the name
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