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    Middle Names for Harper

    We are having fraternal twin girls. One name is decided upon Frances Finley.
    The other Harper but no middle name yet.
    I know some LOVE Harper- some HATE Harper

    My husband and I BOTH like it and we just need a middle name.
    He hates all my "Hollywood" names - on fact I think Harper Hollywood is pretty cute...

    Here are my initial ideas-
    Harper Rose (I know kinda boring)
    Harper Hadleigh or Hadley
    Harper Holiday
    Harper Willow
    Harper Ellery
    Harper Elizabeth
    Harper Rowan
    Harper Riley

    I am VERY open to suggestions

    Thanks in advance

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    I like Harper Rose and Harper Elizabeth from your list because it is a mix of a modern name with a classic name, just like Frances Finley.

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    I absolutely love the name Harper Victoria and feel it would work well with your other girl's name.

    Harper and Finley are both 'trendy'. Whereas Frances and Victoria are definitely more classic.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you

    Harper Rose and Harper Elizabeth are the ones most likely to get a NOD from my husband and they both work.
    I guess you are always wondering if there is something "better"
    Thank you!!

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