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    I don't think either name is too much, I quite like both of them! I also don't think an E will be a problem at all (especially if her full name is Henrietta).

    However, Ellison and Henrietta are DRASTICALLY different in style. Zachariah fits well with Benjamin, and doesn't stand out so much. If it doesn't bother you to have a somewhat 'mismatched' sibset, go for it...and if they go by Elle or Ellie and Etta, it won't be noticeable.
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    I love Henrietta. If your son is bothered by the two E's (which I doubt he will be), she could always go by Hattie.
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    Ellison is sometimes called Ellie - usually by Ben. I think we might go with Zach just to avoid the initials ZAC and nickname Zac. Plus Ben does have an E with his middle name.

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    Is Henrietta Abbott or Zachariah Abbott too much? No, I think both are wonderful names that work well Ellison and Ben.
    Would the initials ZAC be corny? A little corny but, nothing traumatizing. I think using Abbott with the meaning you have is more than enough reason to get over how corny the initials are.
    Will he feel left out with an Etta? I don't think he'll feel left out. Also as someone above already mentioned Henrietta may want to go by Hattie or some other nickname that suits her if Etta doesn't. Also his middle name starts with an 'E'.
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    I also like Zachariah because my sisters and I were all going to be Zachary if we were boys. Then when my aunt was pregnant she called my mom to see if they were done having kids because she really wanted to use Zachary. So I have a cousin Zachary. My other aunt loved Zachariah but her husband's nephew was Zachariah so they didn't use it. She also loved Benjamin but her last name is Moore so she decided against it (thankfully). I'm close to her so it would be kind of neat to use the names that she wanted to use but couldn't.

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