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    Does Lela work as a nickname for Caroline?

    Hi everyone...

    My husband and I are currently expecting our second child and if it's a girl we really like Caroline Michelle with the nickname Lela (to honor my great-great grandmother). Please let me know if you think Lela (pronounced Lee-La) works. Thanks in advance!


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    I don't really see how it works at all, sorry! Are you pronouncing the ending as LINE or LEEN? Maybe with the LEEN ending it might be a little more plausible but I still don't see it. What about Carolina pronounced Car-uh-leen-uh? I think that might make Lela work a little bit better?

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    First of all I really like Caroline Michelle.
    Lela as nn could be too far fetched. Carolina Michelle (nn Lina/Le(e)la might be easier).
    Maybe a second middle name could be the solution to your problem.

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    I love the name Caroline she's gorgeous and Michelle sounds lovely with Caroline it's a cute combination. Yet, I do find the Lela nickname a bit of a stretch my immediate thought was no, I understand why you'd like to go their but if Caroline is with the LINE pro. which is the nicer pro. then it's not going to work at all. Carolina maybe better especially with the LEEN pro. or you could have it as a second middle name. Caroline Lela Michelle would work nicely as well.
    Suggestion Catalina? That would work with the Lela nickname and feels similar to Caroline.

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