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    Name for my character

    I'm writing a story about a girl who is murdered by her closest friend. She is reincarnated with all of the memories of her past life and it's up to her to bring her murderer to justice. I need a name for the girl she used to me. Her name in her new life is Angelina Winslow. Her old last name was Roth. I'm looking for a beautiful name with a misfortunate association to it.
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    Mallory means unlucky
    Delaney means dark challenger
    Lilith means night monster

    My favorite of these is Mallory. Mallory Roth flows well, and unlucky would aptly describe someone murdered by a close friend. Though night monster certainly has it's perks, haha, but the double 'th' with Roth makes the name too repetitive and soft, I think.
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    Ooooh, I like the suggestion of Mallory. Sounds very good.
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    For this, I think my favorite would be DEsdemona, which is a Shakespearean name which means "ill-starred" and has a super tragic backstory. Desdemona Roth sounds really cool.

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    I like Desdemona and Mallory, but my suggestion from the two would be Desdemona. Cool nickname potential, plus not everyone would know the secret meaning behind Mallory.
    My suggestions are:

    Juliet (yeah, not very creative, but everyone knows the story)
    Brennan means "descendent of the sad one" and can be changed to a girl's name, something like Brianna or Brynn, maybe
    Thana (means death...kind of depressing, but fits the story)
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