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    Her name is Ayla Hazel, she is twenty four years old, living in California. She recently graduated with a Masters in Elementary Education, getting a job as a second grade teacher right out of college.

    His name is Colton Levi, he is twenty seven years old and also lives in California. He graduated at the age of twenty-six with a degree in psychology, getting him a job soon after.

    The two date for a year and a half before getting married on the San Diego Beach in California during the summer.

    Fourteen months after their wedding they find out they are expecting a baby girl. On May 4th they welcome their little girl and name her Raleigh Olivia.

    When Raleigh is just under a year old Ayla and Colton decide that they want to try for another baby. Three months later they find out they are pregnant with boys, that's right, BOYS. Three of them to be exact. On February 3rd they welcome Bentley Lyle, Connor Levi, and Donovan Cole

    Not much later, Ayla is pregnant again, the baby girls are born exactly four months after the triplets turn two year old, on May 3rd, also the day before Raleigh's birthday. They decide to name them Anna Juliet and Penelope June.

    The new babies are a ton of work, especially considering that the family has three two year olds and a four year old, but the family loves them nonetheless. When the twins turn three Ayla is dying to hold another baby in her arms, the boys having started kindergarten she misses having kids at home. This time around they decide not to find out the gender of their baby, but aren't surprised to learn they are expecting multiples. Nine months later on July 7th they welcome triplets, two boys and a girl and name them Toby Austin, Flynn Andrew, and Riley Grace.

    Now, Colton and Ayla decide they are done having kids. They move to a bigger house, and settle in. Their kids' names are:
    Raleigh Olivia
    Bentley Lyle "Ben"
    Connor Levi
    Donovan Cole "Van"
    Anna Juliet
    Penelope June
    Toby Austin
    Flynn Andrew
    Riley Grace

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