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    Your name is... Jillian Elizabeth Benson

    You are (ROLL) years old.
    2: 24

    You just graduated and got a job as a (ROLL)
    4: Chef

    You live in... (CHANCE)
    4. If you like to see plays and musicals... New York

    You meet a guy names... Jeremy Malcolm Danvers

    You and him date for ... (ROLL)
    1. 3 months
    before getting married.

    You get married in ... the spring at a private venue a year later.

    After a year and a half, you find out you're pregnant. You tell Husband and he's thrilled! You find out it's a little girl.
    You name her... Anastasia Lilia Danvers

    5. If you rolled a 5, choose her first name from this list.
    Choose her middle name from here:

    Your little girl is born on (CHANCE)
    2. If you have brown hair ... December 2nd

    When your first child is 1 and a half, you decide to try for another baby. 3 months later you find out you're pregnant with triplets! All boys! They are born on February 3rd, and you name them... (ROLL)
    4. First names are 5 letters, middle names start with S.
    What are their names? Alden Seth Danvers, Wyatt Sabian Danvers, & Caleb Soren Danvers

    Not much later, you're pregnant again. This time it's... (ROLL)
    6. Pick any of the above options.
    A girl

    You name them.... (CHANCE)
    If you're born any time in the WINTER, pick their names first from this list... and middle names from here

    What are their names? Primrose Winter Danvers

    The new baby(s) are a ton of work, but you love them. When they turn 3, you and your husband decide to try for 1 more. You decide not to find out the gender of the baby until it's born. While you're pregnant, you get much bigger then when you had your first child, and you're sure there's more than one child in you.

    What genders/how many kids do you have? (CHOOSE)
    1. A boy

    You name them ... (ROLL)

    If you roll a 3 or a 4, pick first names from here...., and middle names are your choice.

    What are their names? Paxton Jude Danvers

    Now, you and your husband decide you are done having kids. You move to a bigger house, and settle in. Your kids names (and ages and personalities if you like!), are:
    Jillian Elizabeth & Jeremy Malcolm Danvers
    1. Anastasia Lilia Danvers
    2. Alden Seth Danvers
    3. Wyatt Sabian Danvers
    4. Caleb Soren Danvers
    5. Primrose Winter Danvers
    6. Paxton Jude Danvers

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