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    My name is Brianna Marie Campbell.
    I am 26 years old and working as a chef.
    I live in British Columbia.
    I meet a guy named Michael "Mike" Allen Foster and we date for 2 years before getting married. We get married at Disney World on December 6th.
    A year and a half later, on July 25th, we welcome a baby girl who we name Rory Juliette Foster.
    Almost 2 years later, on February 3rd, we have triplets and they're all boys. We name them Aiden Jet Foster, Alec Stone Foster, and Andrew "Drew" Cliff Foster.
    A little over a year later, on May 18th, we are surprised with another set of triplets, only this time they are all girls. We name them Joelle March Foster, Kaylee April Foster and Lorelei May Foster.
    3 and a half years later, on November 27th, we welcome our third set of triplets this time having two boys and a girl. In birth order we name them; Charlie Allen Foster, Kennedy Anne Foster, and Cameron Michael Foster.

    Brianna [38] and Mike [45]
    Rory [9]
    Aiden, Alec, Drew [7]
    Joelle, Kaylee, and Lorelei [6]
    Charlie, Kennedy, and Cameron [2]

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