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    5 letter name starting with "D"....WINNER IS......

    Hi Berries

    Some of you helped try and guess my best mate's 2nd baby boy's name. She gave me the not-so-cryptic clue of it starting with a "D" and has 5 letters. You all had some great guesses!

    Well....DYLAN PAUL was born at 8:37am today. Paul is after her FIL. Lovely! Big brother Jacob is stoked too.

    So much better than David and, as we all hoped, fortunately was not Dyson

    And to make it that much sweeter....its Mother's Day in Aus today so an extra special Mother's Day for my friend, Bel!

    So congrats to all the Berries that guessed Dylan!!
    Mummy to the gorgeous Alice Heather and the delicious Harry George

    Bubba #3 due March 2014! Finalising short list of favourite names!

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    Thanks for the update. Congratulations to your friend.

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