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    Sorry I'm posting so much- I just had one last thing! I love the idea of Honora Bianca, but to avoid the double -a ending, what about Honorine Bianca? Honorine is the French version of Honora.
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    That's fine. It's nice to know someone wants help.

    I love Honora Bianca. I don't mind the double A sound. As not many people would know her middle name.

    Do you think there's any other names to go with Honora. - I dunno why I like Honora. - I'm trying to have Irish, English and Welsh together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kellymarie1992 View Post
    I have answered these above but I will answer again.
    Heavenly is just too much, borderline ridiculous.... imo - I find this very affensive. My grampy died in January and as I don't like heaven due to people changing the name to Nevaeh. - Heavenly was the only other alternative to Heaven. - Any other suggestions close to Heavenly.
    Haidey sounds like Haitie and I'm not liking the "hate" sound, it also seems super trendy. - This has no assassination with Haitie. I pronounce this as Hay-Dee. Which i also said in my above comments.

    Some better H first names: - I find this offensive also 'Some better first name' That is very rude. I don't appreciate that. All of these names have meanings behind them and if you asked why I had the names instead of saying 'here is some better names' and 'is too much borderline ridiculous'.
    Haley - As said above I went to school with 2 Hayley's so this is out.
    Henrietta/Heather/Hillary - These are too 60's to me.
    Hyacinth - I do quite like this I'm just concerned about it being old.
    Holly - I like this but I went to school with a few Holly's and never liked any of them.
    Hermione - I like this but reminds me of Harry Potter.
    Hera - I have never heard of this one. - How would you pronounce this.
    I'm sorry if you found it "offensive" but I was stating my HONEST opinion and as I said "In my opinon/imo" which means to me that's how I feel, maybe not for you. Again it's all MY opinion and you are free to take it or leave it.

    I understand Heavenly may be important to you, but what if you child ends up being an atheist? OR what if she ends up being a terrible monster and not "heavenly"? (not that she would, but nouns like that just don't work on people imo) With Haidey, I think you'll have pronunciation errors if it's already been said wrong twice....

    Hera is a Greek goddess, wife of Zeus, it is said like Her(a combination of hair and her)-uh

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    Honora Beatrice or Honora Bethan would be nice if you don't like Blythe
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    I love Heidi and Honora is nice too. The others I wouldn't use, but do understand your reason for wanting to use heavenly. Personally, I would try to go more subtle on the heaven connotation, I thought the idea is naming her after a star was good. The problems finding a star that starts with h or b. do her initials have to be H. b. last name, or could they be H. A different letter. Last name. Or B. H. Last name.??? I ink Heidi Bianca is beautiful! I saw you liked the name hilaree, personally, I would stick to the well known spelling of Hillary, otherwise yourdaughterwill be correcting people every where she goes. Good luck!
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