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    Updates on H & B Names list

    I made a new one as I couldn't find my other post - Opinions welcome - other names welcome. Harriet & Hannah No No's. No boys names please or surnames unless they are not popular surnames. - Surname K ends in ER. - Sibling Amy-Louise.

    Heidi Brianna
    Heidi Bluebell
    Heidi Bonnie
    Heidi Blue
    Heidi Bailey
    Heidi Bethan
    Heidi Blossom

    Haidey Blue
    Haidey Briella
    Haidey Brandi
    Haidey Blanche
    Haidey Brianna
    Haidey Bonnie/Haidey Bonnie-Jo (Would the initals for Haidey Bonnie-Jo be H.B.J.K or H.B.K).
    Haidey Bronwyn (Bron-Win)

    Heavenly Bianca
    Heavenly Blanche
    Heavenly Blossom
    Heavenly Brittany
    Heavenly Briony
    Heavenly Blue
    Heavenly Brianna

    Harmony Blue
    Harmony Brooke/Brooklynne
    Harmony Blanche
    Harmony Briony
    Harmony Blossom
    Harmony Brianna
    Harmony Brittany

    Honora 'Honey' Blossom
    Honora 'Honey' Brittany
    Honora 'Honey' Blue
    Honora 'Honey' Bethan
    Honora 'Honey' Bianca
    Honora 'Honey' Briella
    Honora 'Honey' Briony

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