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    A New Possibility.... Thoughts

    Question 1) What are some offbeat ways to get to the following nicknames: (parentheses are some I like, just to give you an idea)

    - Leo (Leonidas, Leopold, Lionel, Leolin, Celio, Aurelio)

    - Kai/Cai (Caius, Malachi, Caian, Makai)

    - Finn (Finnegan, Finnian, Finlay/Finley)

    - Bo/Beau (Bolan, Bowen, Boman)

    I'm not usually a nickname kind of person, but these particular nicknames could also work in Chinese, which is something we're looking for since we live in China and are trying to find ways to connect the "English" name to the Chinese name.

    Question 2) Are some of these 'L' intensive names (like Lionel, Leolin, or perhaps Leland-- two 'L's in each name) too much 'L' when combined with our last name (Luckie)? What about some of the less intensive 'L' names (like Leo, Leopold, Leonidas, etc), would they be okay with Luckie as a last name, or is it still too 'L' intensive to you?
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