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    javad Guest

    A New Possibility.... Thoughts

    Question 1) What are some offbeat ways to get to the following nicknames: (parentheses are some I like, just to give you an idea)

    - Leo (Leonidas, Leopold, Lionel, Leolin, Celio, Aurelio)

    - Kai/Cai (Caius, Malachi, Caian, Makai)

    - Finn (Finnegan, Finnian, Finlay/Finley)

    - Bo/Beau (Bolan, Bowen, Boman)

    I'm not usually a nickname kind of person, but these particular nicknames could also work in Chinese, which is something we're looking for since we live in China and are trying to find ways to connect the "English" name to the Chinese name.

    Question 2) Are some of these 'L' intensive names (like Lionel, Leolin, or perhaps Leland-- two 'L's in each name) too much 'L' when combined with our last name (Luckie)? What about some of the less intensive 'L' names (like Leo, Leopold, Leonidas, etc), would they be okay with Luckie as a last name, or is it still too 'L' intensive to you?
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    Which character would you be using for Finn? I'm not really a fan of putting an L name with Luckie... Man, this was a bit difficult. Would you just use a 1 character Chinese name, then? I generally think it's harder to go from Chinese to English. If you have an English name, you can normally come up with something that sounds at least a little similar...

    Jin- Eugene
    Ming/ Min- Benjamin, Dominic
    Li- Bentley (not a fav), Levi, Leland, Reilly, Raleigh,
    Kai- Caden (also not a fav)
    Wen- Wendall, Owen, Rowan, Winston
    Chan- Channing, Chandler, Chance
    Tian- Christian
    Ding- Dean, Dane
    Bin/ Bing (兵,not 冰 or 病... also not my fav. character)- Corbin
    Finn- Griffin
    Lin/ Ling- Dallin, Allen, Cullen, Dylan, Lincoln, Lindell, Sterling
    Da- Dawson, Judah
    De- Declan, Dennis, Denver, Devin
    Deng- Duncan, Hayden
    Dai- Dylan,
    Sun- Edison, Emerson, Garrison, Harrison, Anderson, any son...
    Mo (like the philosopher 墨子)-Emory, Emerson, Morgan,
    Wan/ Wang- Ewan, Rowan
    Shi- Fisher, Fraser
    Chi- Fletcher
    An (a bit femmy, I know)- Anderson, Anders, Kian, etc.
    Ru/ Rui- Rufus, Rupert, Reuben
    Meng- Harmon
    Lang (never seen this as a Chinese name, but maybe it could work?)- Langston
    Luo- Logan,
    Dan- Caden, Aidan, Jaden, Daniel, Ogden,
    Pei (to cultivate)- Payson, Payton,
    Rui- Rainier, Raymond, Rayner,
    Su- Sullivan, Soren
    Tao- Thomas, Talon, Tobias,
    Xin- Shane, Sean,
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    javad Guest
    @tf- Thanks for putting together that list! It's been copy and pasted for further reflection.
    As far as the character we'd be using for Finn, I'm not sure exactly which one we'd choose, but it'd be one of the ones with the pinyin of 'fen' (a bit of a different sound to Finn, but pretty close). I'm not very good at Chinese names myself (never know what sounds good to a Chinese ear), but my wife said there are some 'fen' characters that could work pretty well in a Chinese name. Also, we're not necessarily gonna go with a one character name (though one, two or three would also be fine with us), but since it's so hard to find a full two-three syllable "English" name that works straight across with the Chinese language (like we were able to find with our first son, Rayhan 瑞晗), we thought if we have one syllable/character that shares the same sound (like 'liu'/Leo), it'd be another way of connecting the "English" name to the Chinese name (then he could have a shared NN (like 'Leo') to English and to Chinese speakers)

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    Hmmm... Yes, I don't envy you on this one. It's quite difficult to find names that work in both languages. I also have no idea what sounds good to the Chinese, so good luck! I'm interested to see what you'll come up with that will sound good to both of you.
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    Okay, I've been having too much fun with this (as in spending more time than I ought ) Here's what I have so far:


    Leander (I know you prefer Evander, but Leander is still cool and could get you to Leo)
    Leor (the three above are variations of the Leo=lion names. Leor is Hebrew, from a root meaning "light.")
    Napoleon (I do not imagine you want to name your son after Napoleon Bonaparte, but after I whimsically stuck Bonaparte in the "Bo" name list, I couldn't resist putting Napoleon with the "Leo" names.)


    Caiaphas (Cool name, uncool namesake. He was the Jewish high priest who presided over part of Jesus' pre-crucifixion trial.)


    Fintan (all three Irish)

    And just for fun, some Elvish names from J.R.R. Tolkien's mythology. I realized, when thinking about Finn, that the "fin" element was used a good deal by the Elves, particularly those of the First Age:

    Finwё (prn. FIN-way)


    Beaulieu (prn. BEW-ley, this is an English surname and place name derived from the French beau lieu, "beautiful place." Unfortunately, the first thing I found when I Googled "Beaulieu" was Beaulieu carpet. Didn't know such a thing existed...)
    Beaumont ("beautiful mountain")
    Beauregard (We actually have a young councilman in our neighboring town named Beauregard, nn Beau.)
    Bodil (Norwegian, "commanding.")
    Bonaparte (!)
    Bonar (Scottish, from Old French, "gentle." I have seen it as a surname.)
    Bowman/Boman (Bowman is an English word name, "bowman"; Boman is Persian (?), meaning "great mind." Rereading your original post, I see you already have Boman on your list.)

    As always, best wishes, and thanks for sharing the continuing challenge! Maybe it'll be a girl, and all your troubles will be over
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