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Thread: Silas vs Cyrus

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    I love Cyrus and strongly dislike Silas. I think Cyrus is much...classier, maybe? And less bland. Cyrus feels simultaneously masculine and elegant, while Silas makes me think of a bigoted villain character in a period piece for some reason.

    As for which goes better with Rowan...hmm. I think they both match to the same degree. I want to say Cyrus but I think that's just me being biased. Rowan Jane is lovely, by the way.
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    I think Silas is way better than Cyrus! A Silas sounds like he'd be intelligent, artsy, introspective, funny...

    Cyrus sounds country, even trashy. I definitely think of the Miley/Billy Ray connection....

    Silas works better with Rowan too.
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    1. Which name is more appealing to you and why? I like both, I like the Biblical connection of Silas, but I like the option of Russ for Cyrus.
    2. What vibes do you get from each name? Silas: the same as Titus --young and bold, powerful. Cyrus: royal, ancient, bookish
    3. Which one works with sister Rowan better? I'd probably pick Cyrus.
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