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    Adding a few more girl names to our list of possibilities. Let me know your thoughts!

    Alexander, Madelyn, Genevieve, and Anastasia?

    Alexander, Madelyn, Genevieve, and Elodie?

    Alexander, Madelyn, Genevieve, and Victoria?

    Alexander, Madelyn, Genevieve and Anastasia: I love the name Anastasia she's elegant, vibrant and conjures up brilliant images of Russian royalty and the Russian revolution which is such an interesting majestic time. However even though I love Anastasia she doesn't work. I dislike the fact that it's another 'A' name in a sibling set where each child has their own initial visually another 'A' name looks strange. Secondly I think Anastasia sounds great with Genevieve both names are on a similar page concerning the style of each classic. Yet with Madelyn the name looks strange as Anastasia is so elegant and almost powerful whereas Madelyn feels informal and southern. The names stylistically clash. Madeleine would have worked but not Madelyn. Concerning Alexander with Anastasia I think it's an overkill, due to Alexandra being Princess Anastasia's mother and Duke Aleksey being her younger brother it's just too much concerning the historical associations. Even though I love that historical period it's an overkill.

    Alexander, Madelyn, Genevieve and Elodie: I'm not keen on the name Elodie. I think she sounds unattractive however I do see the attraction. She's a quirky French choice that would have worked well with Alexander, Madelyn and Genevieve, because she has a sense of informality which would work with Madelyn and yet feels classy which works with Alexander and Genevieve. Elodie also rounds of the combination nicely. I also like the fact that Elodie has a different initial to her siblings. Yet I just completely dislike the sound of this name, it feels unattractive and brand-like. Have you thought of Eloise? Or Evie?

    Alexander, Madelyn, Genevieve and Victoria: I love Victoria! She's my name and I've always had complements on her name especially as I tend to not shorten Victoria nowadays anyway. I think Victoria is really elegant, regal and pretty. I think she works well with Alexander as they both are rich in history but because their commonly used aren't an overkill and tied with a certain part of history, like with Anastasia and Alexander. I also think Victoria works with Madelyn because even thought stylistically their different and visually look different as well, both names are well known and due to this have a classic informality to them which makes the two names work well together. I also think Victoria works with Genevieve as their both lacy feminine yet strong choices. I also think Victoria rounds of the sibling yet nicely. Great choice.

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