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    New girl options -- what do you think?

    Adding a few more girl names to our list of possibilities. Let me know your thoughts!

    Alexander, Madelyn, Genevieve, and Anastasia?

    Alexander, Madelyn, Genevieve, and Elodie?

    Alexander, Madelyn, Genevieve, and Victoria?
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    I like Elodie and Anastasia! Anastasia gets my vote. Great in your sib set. Very pretty
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    Anastasia is such a lovely name. Beautiful.
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    I think I am one of the only berries on this site that just does not see the appeal of Anastasia at all. Despite the hype, I just see it as a mouthful of a name when Ana is just perfect by itself. I do, however, love both Victoria and Elodie. If I had to choose one....I would pick Elodie. As I think it fits in beautifully with your other names.
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    Anastasia, while a pretty name, seems a bit much when coupled with Genevieve.

    Victoria is a classic, but its nicknames (Vicky, Vick, Tori) are all unappealing, IMO.

    So my vote goes to Elodie. It's the most uncommon of the three and might garner you some double-takes from people encountering it for the first time, but once you roll it off the tongue a couple times you really fall in love with it.

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