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    I love names in that category, Blaise (blaze) and Hale are soft spots for me. And I agree! So many great classic names are so popular right now...

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    I think it'd be a definite matchy-theme if you ended up with an Ambrose and a Rosalind (etc). And while Ambrose is definitely a masculine name, when it's standing next to a distinctly feminine Rose name, like Rosalind, it makes Ambrose feels a bit feminine too. What about the Welsh variation of Ambrose (Emrys)? Or if you put Ambrose in the middle spot, then you still get to use it (and it is an awesome name), but it wouldn't limit your future girls' names. And all your top 5 are pretty awesome, by the way.
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    Thanks for the feedback!

    I think I will still keep Ambrose. After all I might not have a daughter and if I don't I might regret not using Ambrose if that's what my son turns out being. But who knows he might not turn out to be an Ambrose! Will see when the baby is born.

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    No biggie IMO. I'd just assume that grandma or some other important person was named Rose. I can see the issue of having a 3rd child without a rose name but I don't see it as a major problem

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