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    Yeah, Cora's continuing rise hurtsss, but having seen it go up so much last year, I wasn't surprised to see it rise again. It's the top 100-ish that make me pause (though in terms of percentage of babies named a particular name, the difference between the #100 and #150 isn't very big...). For now I don't mind soooo much, but I don't see signs it'll stop. Georgia rose a little, but is generally steady. Laurel actually dropped rank so it's barely Top 1000, but Mae went up 51 spots. Will continue to watch!

    As for boys, really the only one I watch is Paxton, not because I like that name, but because I figure lots of Paxtons will go by nn Pax...which is my fave. Saw a 30 point rise. Guess that's manageable, haha. Of other family names, George is hovering in place; Desmond is mostly hovering; Andrew is really high! None of the word names I like are ranked, so that's cool.

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    Many of my names climbed a little, a few shot way up:

    Arya climbed a whopping 298 places
    Willa is up 268
    Ivy, Emerson, Harper and Penelope made double digit jumps

    Rory fell off the girls list, but made a 117 space leap on the boys.

    Rory is up 117
    Fletcher climbed 99 spaces
    Sawyer, Harrison, Beckett and Jasper made small leaps.

    I was happy to see one of my favorites, Lennon, fell a few spots.
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    I am very sad about Liam's jump into the Top 10. If you consider the fact that quite a few of the William's born will have the nn Liam, it's probably much more popular than #6! My husband and I have been going back and forth on using it. It's our number 1 name choice but I dont want my kid to be Liam P. so I am not sure if we will settle on one of the other names on our list or stick with Liam since its our favorite.

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