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    Definitely mourning Iris as many above have mentioned. Not even feeling usable to me at this point, but I love it so much it may happen anyway.... Also not loving that Rosemary is on the radar, but not really surprised. My personal shock was seeing LINDA, NANCY, and BARBARA in the top 1000! So not only are we seeing rise of the granny chic, but also of the middle-aged chic (I don't know how else to put it.) I actually think it's kind of great and refreshing!
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    Luna went up to 223, I'm kinda glad it's getting more recognition as a name... but I secretly hope it doesn't rise too much!

    Quote Originally Posted by allythys View Post
    Having a name in the top 1000 doesn't have to be a huge deal. The name in the 500 spot for boys (Brenden only had 528 babies born whith that name. Percentage-wise, that's not very many kids. It's not like all the little Brenden's will have to go by their last innitial forever. It's actually kind of unlikely that they'll be in classes with other Brendens. My name was at the 22 spot the year I was born and has been popular since but I hardly ever meet another Alyssa, especially not spelled the same as me. Especially if the name is below 500 (or even below 100 or 200) there's no reason to mourn.
    Actually I have a comment on the name Brendan, it's my husband's name, and he's met his fair share of Brendan's! Surprisingly he even met another Brendan who had the same last name! (both are Irish) He even has a coworker named Brendan, but teases saying it's not correct since his coworker's name is spelled Brendon.

    I also disagree with the last initial thing because I grew up knowing 3 Sarah B's. And unfortunately all 3 were in my physics class and our teacher did call them by their last name. 2 of them were in our group of friends and so we also called them by their last names. It's just too confusing to say Sarah because you don't know which one you are talking about!!! So maybe my case is rare, but still a good enough reason to avoid a popular name imo.
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    Pretty much all of my favorite names gained in popularity. I think within five or ten years most of them will be in the top one hundred which upsets me. I already lost Charlotte a long time ago which had been my favorite name since I was about eight, my heart sank when I saw it at nineteen. And the worst thing about it is half those little girls are probably going by Charlie, one of my favorite boy names! I'm glad Georgiana and Louisa are still not in the top 1000 but I don't think I'm brave enough to use them in real life.

    I'm never too upset about boys names gaining because I love them too much to give them up just because of popularity. I was a little bummed to see Oliver and James rise but I know they're nowhere near as popular as all the trendy -n names so I'm okay with it.
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    I'm frantically checking because I had no idea it was out until I logged into Nameberry today. Here's my top 4 for each gender...
    Seth - #209
    Lewis - #644
    Gordon - not ranked
    Chance - #240

    Rosemary - #603
    Marlowe - not ranked
    Tessa - #235
    Irene - #655

    I think I'm good...My main fair is anywhere in the top 100. It looks like my boy names might be getting a bit risky, but otherwise I think I'm good. *PHEW*

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    Let's see...


    Adeline jumped up from #288 to #239.
    Hadley skyrocketed from #178 to #130. In 2011, 1751 babies were given this name. Now in 2012 it's 2402 babies!
    Adelina climbed from #885 to #702.


    Owen is still popular, going up #44 in the top 1000 to #38.
    Jensen climbed to #509 from #608.
    Everett went from #257 to #214.

    Other than those 6, all of my other names increased or decreased a little while other's stayed steady. I think I like trendy names.

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