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    Popularity really doesn't bother me that much. However I am upset that Aiden is so popular and seems to be staying popular. It's one of my favorite boy names and no matter how much I love it I'm probably going to have to retire it because it's just too popular for me to be comfortable with. Also, I'm sick and tired of everyone's attitude about it. I don't like being referred to as uncreative, unimaginative, boring, trendy, lazy, etc.

    Henry seems to be getting really popular, but I like it as a middle name so I'm not too worried. Jase/Jace are both in the top 200 I believe and that makes me a little sad because I've loved this name for a long time and thought I was being pretty different but since Teen Mom and Duck Dynasty it's suddenly everywhere. Augustus is in the top 500 and I expect it to soar in the next year or two if The Fault In Our Stars film becomes really popular. Same with Finnick. If it catches on with the release of Catching Fire (ha, no pun intended) then I'm screwed with my four most favorite boy (first) names being popular.

    I'm not too worried about my girls list (yet). Anastasia has stayed in the top 200's and 300's for the last decade and I don't expect a big spike unless a celeb uses it for their daughter or the stupid Fifty Shades of Grey fade stays. UGH. That series almost ruined the name for me. Charlotte is the only other girl name on my list that I actually truly see myself using in the future and it's pretty popular (number 19 last year) but for some reason I don't care at all. Unless it gets top 10 I think I'm okay. I also love Jillian, but that's been decreasing in the past decade so I'm not worried.

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    I was the opposite of you... my two favorite boys' names jumped up and my girls stayed the same for the most part!

    Henry really breaks my heart because while it's a family name and I like it a lot (it's my second choice for a boy), it broke into the top 50. It was closer to 60, I believe, and now it's something like #43. If it jumps like that every year, 10+ ranks, by the time I have kids it will be too popular for me to consider. And that's hard for me because I really don't like that many boys' names.

    August, my top choice, really surprised me. It jumped 65 spaces up, I think, so it's #333 now. But it's still well outside the range of popularity that would really worry me.

    Stella is my only girls' choice that's painful, because like Henry, she's creeping into the top 50 and that worries me. Without a family or personal meaning to use it, if it gets more popular, it might drop lower on my preferences.
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    Atlas, Persephone, Cordelia, and Isadora didn't break top 1000. Not sure about Leonidas. I think it fell.

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    I take that back. I'm mourning Leonidas. It rocketed 106 spots!

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    Elizabeth is my absolute favorite name and has been for like the past 10 years so I have bittersweet feelings asbout her being #10 now. I know she's alway been popular though, and most likely always will so it doesn't bother me much. I love hearing Elizabeth and I can't imagine not naming a daughter Elizabeth, regardless of the popularity. My top boy choice, Gideon, also jumped (410 to 390) but thats still outside the top 100 so it doesn't really bother me much. None of my other favorites are even in the top 1000 so I have nothing to worry about there. Idealy (except with Elizabeth) I want my choises to be outside the top 100, but it's not the end of the world if they creep in there, just no huge jumps hopefully!
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