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    Henriette or Henrietta?
    I like both Henriette and Henrietta, I prefer Henriette but I guess you would have to deal with correcting people.

    I don't really like Zarie, just because I think it is a bit of a pain to pronounce.

    I love this name (I also love Milou and Malou, even though they are so NMS) I guess it could be a nickname for any Lil names like Lily, Lillian, Liliana, Delilah, Lilith or Lilah. I don't mind nicknames that are a bit of stretch, so I could see it as a nickname for Emily or Cecily.

    Louise, Louisa, Eloise, etc.
    I like Eloise > Louisa > Louise, but they are all good solid names.

    I am not a big fan, but I think it is a fine name. It is pronounced and spelt fairly intuitively, Lulu is cute.

    I really like this, I also like Amelie too. Ameline feels like a more solid, classic type name and is a really nice name,

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    Henriette- I like it. It sounds spunky and much lighter than Henrietta. I really prefer it to Henrietta.
    Ameline-I love Ameline! I have never heard this name before, it is really pretty.
    Zarie- I don't like the pronunciation. If it was pronounced ZAR-e or rhymed with Carrie I would like it.
    Lilou- It has a sweet, fun sound but it seems more like a nickname. It could work for a first and middle combination- Lilly Melusine or Lillian Eloise, Lydia Louise, Lillian Lucille,Lilly Alouette etc.
    Melusine- It sounds alright,but I don't like it much. It sort of reminds me of muesli. I guess I don't like the way it looks. Lulu is a cute nickname.
    Louise, Louisa, Eloise- All three are nice. I like Louisa and Eloise the best.
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    Henriette- It seems a little short and cut off to me. i don't really like Harriet of Henrietta anyway.
    Zarie- This is adorable! but no I've never heard it before and I don't know anything else about it
    Lilou- all i can think about is LiLo, and I don't associate that with cute.
    Louise/Loisa/eloise- It doesn't bother me in Eloise for some reason, but it does in Loise/louisa. I don't know, my mind works in strange ways.

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    Melusine- I don't know. I don't really like it.
    Ameline- Much prettier than Amelia! I like it!

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    I love Henrietta. Very cute and spunky and has a plethora of cute nicknames.

    Louisa is very cute to me. I really wanted that to be on my list but DH prefers Lucy.
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