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    Henriette, Zarie & Others

    Henriette or Henrietta?
    I hate the name Harriet. I don't mind Henrietta. But Henriette? I don't know... I think the nn Honey is gorgeous, and Henriette isn't too frilly. A nice option, maybe?

    I saw a post on Appellation Mountain that mentioned this. Does anyone have any info on it? I think it's absolutely beautiful, if it rhymes with Marie. Could be another great Z name, like Zoe or Zelie.

    I think it's adorable... Maybe too adorable. Can anyone think of a name that could have this as a nn?

    Louise, Louisa, Eloise, etc.
    Does the "wheeze" noise in these names bother anyone else?

    I think I'm totally in love with this... I wish so badly that this name had a meaning. Am I crazy? The nn LuLu is too cute!

    Discovered this today... Thoughts? Am I the only one who thinks it's a lot prettier than Amelia, and might even be more beautiful than Amelie?
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