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    We have it down to a couple of names but hAve some concerns

    #1. Rex Alastair- our concern is that Rex is a common dogs name. We worry that people might snicker a bit at that.

    #2. Stellan Miles- worry that it may seem like a male version of Stella to people not familiar with the name.

    #3. Torin Milo- we worry about it being similar to the word "torn"

    #4. Tiernan Rhys- mainly just worried about pronunciation

    #5. Tavian Rhys- just that its uncommon. But could be nick named Tay or van

    #6. Tavan Alastair- again just that its unfamiliar.

    Do any of these concerns seem valid or am I over thinking or does Any name really stand out as a bad name to you. Try to overlook whether or not its your style and try to think in terms of connotations or teasing qualities.

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