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    I like Rex Alastair, Stellan Miles and Tiernan Rhys--and don't have any concerns about any of them. All really cool choices.

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    #1. Rex Alastair- In my life, I have known 3 dogs named Rex... so I really do think that this could be an issue. This is not a personal fav, as I also don't really see it aging well.

    #2. Stellan Miles- It does look similar to Stella, but I'm not sure that it's that big of an issue.

    #3. Torin Milo- I don't think that it will be that big of an issue that it is similar to "Torn", but people may try to nn him "Tore"...

    #4. Tiernan Rhys- I don't think pronunciation is that big of an issue. Kieran is quite similar...

    #5. Tavian Rhys- This one is really too out there for me. This looks a bit like a made-up name

    #6. Tavan Alastair- Also not a fan.

    Rex seems particularly problematic. I LOVE Tiernan Rhys!
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    I personally wouldn't use Rex - and I think of names like Max, Bruno, etc. acceptable for humans. Rex, aside from being a "dog's name" also reminds me of the T-Rex. It seems, to me, comparable to naming your kid "Fido".

    Everything on your list is fine, I can't see any issues with that...I think Stellan would be the easiest pronounced and I don't think the closeness to Stella is an issue at all. I've never known a Stellan IRL, but know plenty of Julian's (similar to Julia) and lots of others with a name that has male/female versions.
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    The only one I see as problematic is Rex. I thought of a dog right away.
    Otherwise, you're good to go!

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