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    Mirielle is nice.
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    I absolutely love love love Claudia, if I had a baby today I'd name her Claudia June I love how it dates back to Ancient Rome but is somehow modern and spunky (I've never understood when people say it's dated, the blurb about it on Nameberry says it's a "strong and modern choice" too). I think the meaning is why it's so underused but nobody knows the meanings of names anyway! It sounds very classy and sophisicated to me and I love the nickname Clia. I don't really care for the others but Mirielle would make a great middle name to honor a Muriel!
    Felicity ~ Calista ~ Claudia ~ Beatrice "Betty" ~ Carlotta ~ Millie ~ Cora ~ Audrey ~ Violet

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    Claudia- I adore this one! It really is such a lovely name. Unexpected but oh so classic. The only set back for me is the meaning, but if you don't mind it, I say go for it. Lillian Claudia Joy has a better flow than Zara Claudia Joy, in my opinion.

    Coppelia- Now this is unexpected! However, it has just the right amount of "cool" to make it work. As for pairing it with something, I'm at a loss. I like Tess Coppelia but I feel like it needs one more name at the end, maybe a one syllable name like Joy.

    Mirielle- I think it's sweet and I can see the connection with your great-aunt. I particularly like Zara Mirielle.

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