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    Are these worth keeping?

    I'm trying to narrow my ornery top 12 down to an even top 10, and it's proving more difficult than I'd like. :/

    At this point, I have two that I am thinking of letting go (Brody and Spencer). I almost can't really see me using either one of these--Brody, while I utterly adore it and the image it gives off (to me, at least), almost feels too trendy. Maybe it's just my perception, but it just feels trendy. Much trendier than a lot of my other favorites (which, while they're all pretty much on the trendy side, either they have huge family significance that I'm not willing to give up on--Grayson and Avery--or they're the good kind of trendy. Erm, if there is such a thing), anyway. Spencer... Spencer I adore, so much that I'm planning on using it for a leading guy in a story in the future, but I can't wrap my mind around me with a Spencer. It's everything I love in a boys' name--a surname, a bit on the softer side, with a sharp, smart image. But I still can't see me with a Spencer. Possibly because the only Spencer I've ever known was a dog.

    As both have been on my list for months (potentially even years), I'm finding it hard to let them go, but I'm finding it even harder to cut another name from my list above these two.

    I have some doubts about Boaz, as well, but with such a close family connection (it honors my grandmother in a very special way!), I just can't bear to cut it at the moment. I think Boaz nn Beau is pretty adorable, too.

    Anyway, are Brody and Spencer worth keeping? Convince me, Berries!
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    I love every name on your boys list EXCEPT Brody, Spencer, Boaz and Bailey. So I guess I'm not the one to convince you... :/

    Just re-read this and wanted to add that I don't dislike Spencer or Boaz, and with the family tie I would def. keep Boaz on the list. It could be really cute!
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    Brody and Spencer are both trendy. I would be sad to see Spencer go but I think Brody should definitely be eliminated. Names that start with "Br" are a huge trend that just keeps getting bigger. You could use Boaz in the middle spot if you have doubts about using it as a first name. Are Bailey and Sawyer special to you? I see Bailey going to the girls with multiple spellings and Sawyer is getting quite unisex.

    I think your choices are as follows:

    Bailey vs. Brody
    Spencer vs. Sawyer
    All the best,

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    I would drop Bailey and Brody. If Boaz is meaningful for you, I'd keep that B-name. Bailey is alright, but seems kind of unisex now. And unfortunately has been used on too many dogs for my liking. Brody is alright, but very trendy. I think Boaz is a classic and very charming. Plus I'm always a fan of a name that honors someoone.

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    I would drop Avery, Brody, Bailey, Spencer they don't mesh as nicely with your other lovely names, these feel dated to me.
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