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    Darby for a girl?

    My boyfriend and I were just discussing names, after finding out that his older sister is expecting. He suggested Darby for a little girl, after his favourite football/soccer team Derby County, and where he lived until he was 12 (Derby is pronounced Darby, something I learned from him, haha). I can see his reasons, but I honestly don't like it all that much, I like Darcy, but Darby's too manly for me, not sure why. What do you think of it? Is Darby usable?
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    I see Darby as a red-cheeked middle-aged Irishman, personally.
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    I went to university in Derby. I can only think of the football club and city when I hear the name. It shouldn't be used on a person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    I can only think of the football club and city when I hear the name. It shouldn't be used on a person.
    Snap. Though my first thought was horse racing ---> Epsom Derby ---> 1913 ---> Emily Davidson getting trampled by a horse. Yes, my mind works in mysterious ways, but I still don't think Derby/Darby is much good as a name.

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    A friend of mine (female) is named Darby, so all I see is a girl. It's not my personal favorite, but I definitely see it as more feminine than masculine.

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