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    I don't think she would get teased. I love the show Greys Anatomy and there's a doctor named Calliope but she goes by Callie. I think it's cute

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    No, I don't. Like I mentioned on your other post, there is just such a huge variety in names for kids in this generation that teasing doesn't really happen much. It isn't like when we were kids and there were two Jennifers, three Jessicas, and four Sara(h)s in every class!
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    I think the name is very pretty, but I would be worried about Jr. High mean girls calling her pee pee.

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    One of my best friends is called Calliope (spelled with a K) and I don't think she's ever been teased at all. I think it's a lovely name (she pronounces it cal-ee-oh-pee)


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    My immediate thought was if you have to ask that question than maybe reconsider... however on second thoughts I think Calliope is a really cheerful pretty choice, the name sounds gorgeous and intriguing. I think Calliope works and wouldn't be teased for her especially here in the UK where my country is so multi-cultural, with children having so such different and varied names. For instance from my brother's school their are children that go to that school called Sheela, Kuba, Anze, Jahira, Macushla, Tea, Temar, Bepe and Ambrose. Why would Calliope be picked on when their a children with names similar to this multi-cultural bunch attending one small church school in a quiet town? The answer is no she wouldn't be. Nowadays children are exposed to so many different names and if you live in a multi cultural country like mine, names like William (my brother's name) are going to stick out like a swore thumb after all he is the only William in a sea of Kuba's (Jakub's).

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