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    I think most people who get the instrument connection will be those who either play or appreciate it so I don't think they would tease her about it.
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    I think this name is pretty but I have no idea how to properly pronounce this.. someone please help lol

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    It's pronounced like ca-lye-uh-pee

    Ends similar to Penelope

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    casilayne Guest
    A local pastor named his baby Calliope. He is the music director, so it's the perfect fit for their lifestyle. They call her Callie.

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    I love Calliope. I think there's some teasing potential, but honestly, I think not many kids will know what a Calliope is. I don't think there are as many out there as there used to be. Also, I think with the popularity of Penelope, Calliope is becoming a bit more acceptable.
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