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    We have it down to a couple of names but hAve some concerns

    #1. Rex Alastair- our concern is that Rex is a common dogs name. We worry that people might snicker a bit at that.

    #2. Stellan Miles- worry that it may seem like a male version of Stella to people not familiar with the name.

    #3. Torin Milo- we worry about it being similar to the word "torn"

    #4. Tiernan Rhys- mainly just worried about pronunciation

    #5. Tavian Rhys- just that its uncommon. But could be nick named Tay or van

    #6. Tavan Alastair- again just that its unfamiliar.

    Do any of these concerns seem valid or am I over thinking or does Any name really stand out as a bad name to you. Try to overlook whether or not its your style and try to think in terms of connotations or teasing qualities.

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    I honestly don't think name teasing is nearly as big of a deal as many people think it is. I've spent a lot of time in my older kids' classrooms and never heard anyone teased because of their name. And there are some strange ones, believe me! Ithink all of these names are fine, but my favorite combo of yours is still Stellan Rhys. I wouldn't worry at all about the Rex thing. There are kids in my kids' classes named Dex, Pax, Jax, Max, and Lex. I don't think Rex is weird or sounds like a dog. Stellan I don't think would be associated with Stella at all, especially since Stella isn't all that popular.

    Overall, I think you worry too much! Just go with your heart and choose a name you love. It will be fine, I promise!
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    1. Rex is a love or hate name if you love it go for it. We have Rufus picked as our number one boy name so I get it but it is a legitimate name much better in my opinion then trendy made up name mash ups.
    2. I don't think this is a huge issue since you don't say Stella-N
    3. I think you are over analyzing this one
    4. I love this name. You run into pronunciation issues for all sorts of names that are way more common but not nearly as lovely.
    5. This is my second favorite from your list

    None of these are my style but I think they are all glorious names with 2 and 3 being my least favorite and 1, 4 and 5 being my favorites. If you are really worried about teasing I think Rex is actually the most "normal" name on your list that would be the least likely to be teased. Unfamiliar isn't bad, most of the people that I know who don't like their names now or didn't as kids weren't the ones with unusual names it's the ones with really common names, you don't want to need an identifier. No one wants to be fat Jennifer. Good luck, your names are awesome.
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    I like Rex Alastair, Stellan Rhys, or Tavian Rhys (pronounced Tay-vee-en?) reverse order.
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    Personally, I wouldn't be too concerned about any of these names.
    Rex- I don't think people would snicker. Lots of dogs have human names. It's far from my favorite of your names, but it's certainly usable.
    Stellan- My favorite of your names. I don't think the similarity to Stella is a big deal. Lots of female and male names are pretty close to each other (female with an 'a' ending, male with an 'o' ending. I think the 'n' ending makes it seem very much a male name)
    Torin- I don't think it's too similar to 'torn' to be usable. It's not my favorite of your names, but certainly usable.
    Tiernan- I don't think pronunciation will be a big issue. Kiernan and Kieran have become relatively well-known, and have similar sound qualities to Tiernan. I think it's pronunciation is pretty intuitive. It's a good name too. My second favorite from your list.
    Tavian- No issues with this one, definitely usable. Not my favorite of your options, but not bad.
    Tavan- Same as above, though I like Tavian better than Tavan.

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