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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    [...]@lexie my only patients right now are mice, save for the occasional moonlighting gig, and I find it difficult to decipher the squeaking.[...]
    I presume they haven't gotten the whole one squeek for yes two for no thing down yet. Well that's disappointing. I guess you just need smarter mice. <le sigh>
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    Blade, I just replied on your girl thread (so late!) and I hope you see this one, too.

    From your first name list I like these the most with Antoine:

    My favorite by far is Cyprian Ignatius, which I see at least one other person suggested. As you know, we were strongly considering Ignacio if Inés had been a boy, and the name Ignatius has really been growing on me. I think it should be considered for a first name as well, with Antoine. Antoine and Ignatius would be awesome for brothers.

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    Next: Eloísa Pilar or Félix Ignacio

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    casilayne Guest
    I am swooning over Elias Rainier!

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    Thank you both-- agua, those are definitely my favorite first name options. Too many good combinations make it difficult to choose! I really like everything everyone has suggested (including Elias Rainier, casilayne).
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    Victor! Love it.

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