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    From your new list, I'm loving Blaise, Lionel, and Raoul. I still think Ignatius is perfect for the middle name, although I could warm up to Aurelian too...

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    Antoine and Raoul are an absolutely perfect sibset. Like, seriously, completely perfect. Raoul it!
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    From your new shortlist, I still love Cyprian, of course. Ambrose is one of my all-time favorites, but I'm not sure you want it with Antoine. Raoul I would never have thought of, but it's pretty cool and goes well with Antoine. I really like Raoul Aurelian somehow. Blaise I can't get behind; reminds me of blase. Leander has an impressive ancient pedigree. Victor is good too, especially with Antoine. But then I would go with Ignatius for the mn rather than Aurelian (which is too imperial).

    Lots of great options, Blade, and of course you have lots of time to ponder them.

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    Thanks all-- I really appreciate the comments. And Emma, thank you for the head-to-head comparison w Antoine-- really helpful! Lots to think about; will mull them over for a bit.
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    I just want to drop in to say I love the suggestion of Raoul Aurelian. It sounds so lush and dashing to my ears. And it would be neat to have the brothers initials inverted.

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