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    Boys Names Time!

    Elias Rainier. Still love it.
    Leander Ignatius
    Lucian Theodosius - powerful name... Maybe too much?
    Raoul Auxentius This just sounds awesome.
    Victor Aurelian

    Can't wait to see how your list evolves.
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    Congratulations Blade!
    You have an awesome list, so no matter what you pick your son will have an amazing name. I love Blaise Ignatius as a combo from your list. I think Antione and Blaise have great balance as a sibset. Have fun choosing the perfect name for your little one.

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    Ooh, I love your new, evolved list! I liked the first one, but there are some new additions I really love! Pairing with Antoine Raphael, I think all your first name choices work, but if you're looking to make cuts, I'd lose Ambrose (starts with the same letter as Antoine), Cyprian and Lucian (don't pair well with surname Na...), and Raoul and Victor (Raoul sounds Spanish and Victor sounds Russian, which, to me, sounds odd with French-sounding Antoine...but maybe that's just me). The rest are all lovely. My personal favourites are Leander and Marius (and, despite double letters, I love Ambrose, too).

    Ambrose Rainier
    Leander Theodosius
    Marius Aurelian
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    Lovely new list. Raoul, Altair, Aurelian, oh my! Your husband’s input will undoubtedly help focus things.
    Let’s see how they look next to Antoine.

    Antoine and Ambrose - Almost like a twin-set. I adore Ambrose, but a bit more contrast might be nice. Then again, I can just imagine Antoine calling Ambrose “Bro.” Pretty cute.
    Antoine and Blaise - Blaise is so much fun. Keep him around a while longer, won’t you? But does he sing to you, or is he a quick-burning flame?
    Antoine and Cyprian - Beautiful. I really like the OI and the IA. Both names are six letters. They feel balanced in strength but have distinct personalities and represent different places in the world.. Antoine is more French, but Cyprian sounds wonderful in a French accent too.. I’m not bothered by the two N-endings, but then my top two names both end in N. Besides, it’s “juan” and “ee-ǝn.” Different.
    Antoine and Elias - Both are slinky, but Elias doesn’t have the groundedness of Antoine imo.
    Antoine and Evander - Actually really liking the contrast of these two. Didn’t expect to. I like that they both feature that AN, and both are so gentlemanly. Antoine is creamy, Evander citrusy.
    Antoine and Laurence - I love this pairing. Ravishingly formal. Both very established names. Laurence takes Antoine to more of a leather armchair place than some of the other names, and I like that.
    Antoine and Leander - Everyone else loves this, so I must be missing something. Again, the double-vowel slink is there, which is nice. Phonetically, these two are good together. Visually, Antoine has such a peaceful presence, perhaps because of the rootedness of the A, the ns, the t, the i - all have feet. Leander looks like he’s about to run away, with the L leading him forward and the r opening out to the future and no strong vertical posts connecting him to the ground, other than that lone n. Evander has a lot of forward movement too, but the buzzy resonance of the V gives him more substance.
    Antoine and Lionel - Oh sweet Lionel. I don’t see him as an exclusively African American name. The Lionel I know is half Indian. All the elaborately Biblical names have a real old-fashioned black American porch-sitter feeling, and they’re coming into vogue. Lionel is so unusual, I strongly doubt that anyone’s first thought upon meeting a Greek-ish-Lebanese Lionel would be “white guilt!” I really like the pairing, the OI and IO, the jazzy yet formal thing they share.
    Antoine and Lucian - Here, the N-endings bother me. Both two syllables as well. Lucian is such a BEAUTIFUL name. Too beautiful, know what I mean? Not enough bite.
    Antoine and Marius - Marius is not my fave, but I admit that they look nice together. I imagine two curious little trouble-makers with eyeglasses and knobby knees, liberating mice from your lab, taking apart all your kitchen appliances and putting them back together.
    Antoine and Raoul - Oh Raoul! I wish you’d survived my husband’s scrutiny. So French, so sexy. I don’t think this name will win in the end, but I’d be tickled if it did. It's kind of like a wing-man for Antoine. “Have you met that dashing redhead, and his mysterious younger brother Raoul?”
    Antoine and Victor - Suddenly, next to Cyprian, Laurence, Lionel, and Raoul, Victor is looking kinda predictable. I will change my mind tomorrow.

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