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    Congratulations, Blade! I'm happy for you. I saw your post a day or two ago and wanted to write a thoughtful reply, but I've been busy over the weekend. Now I'm in complete awesome-name overload, because I read all six pages of this post in case some big development had taken place.

    I admire your taste. A few of my own faves are on your list--Edmund, Elias, Gerard, Julian, Lucian, and Peregrine. I think you're right to scratch Peregrine, though, along with Malcolm and Cadfael, although I love Peregrine and am much intrigued by Cadfael. I hadn't thought of the possible racial connotations with Antoine and Malcolm; my thought would have been that the Celtic Malcolm would sound a bit funny with the French Antoine. I did not know that Lionel was predominantly African-American now. The Lionel I knew was a wonderful old Christian Norwegian-American homesteading fisherman.
    And I just love the ornate Byzantine middles. One of my own predominant combo styles is a more straightforward first with a more unusual, elaborate middle--especially Greek or Roman. You've had so many wonderful suggestions that I don't think I have anything awesome to add. I do think Blaise, Leander and Lionel sound especially handsome with Antoine; I would tend to favor the names that don't end in N as being less matchy, but it is more important that the name stand alone superbly than that it sound superb with sibling names. For middles, I love Ignatius, Athanasius and Auxentius most.

    I'm off to see what's happened to the girl post...congrats again!
    "He telleth the number of the stars; He calleth them all by their names."
    Psalm 147:4

    Our little Bump is due Jan-Feb 2018! Contemplating:
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