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    Three suggestions for you:
    1. Gideon
    2. Perseus
    3. Uriah

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Whosa, that's a reply. It does take time doesn't it? I remember trying to getting back to everyone, all the copying and cutting and pasting... Good job. I am really liking Cyprian more and more for you the more I think about it, it's magnificent next to Antoine. Do you have a gut feeling about gender yet?
    Tell me about it! I want to do everyone justice but wow, I have a newfound respect for you ottilie as you were always so great about replying.

    Intuition/old wives tales say boy again. No morning sickness at all, favoring savory/salty things over sweets, heartbeat 120s. Very scientific.
    Blade, MD

    XY: Antoine Raphael; Julian Victor
    XX: Cassia Viviane Noor

    Allaire * Emmanuelle * Honora * Lysandra * Marina * Rosamond * Serena * Sylvie * Thea * Verity / Blaise * Cyprian * Evander * Jules * Laurence * Lucian * Marius * Quentin * Rainier * Silvan

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    Congratulations Blade!! Awesome news. No new suggestions over here, but from your list I also adore Leander (even though it is my son's middle name and I love it, I think it fits so well with Antoine). However, a name that has been suggested that I think fits even better is Pascal. Love that one on its own and even more-so with Antoine.

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    missusaytch Guest
    I wrote a short paragraph explaining why I don't like Leander, but I was having trouble with it, and then I realized it's because I guess I sorta do like Leander. I also like Leland. And Leonardo. And Leonidas. And Lev. Apparently if it begins with Le- I like it.

    I speak enough French to get myself out of (or into) trouble if I ever find myself in a French-speaking country, but not enough that I look at Serge and go "SAIRZH!" That's kind of a drama queen example but you know what I mean. I just say the names like an American, for good or ill. So with that in mind, I love:

    Serge - ha! But seriously.
    Blaise - I love this so much
    Louis - love!

    And for not-French boy names, I like Victor and I don't know how you feel about this, but I love Virgil. I also like some of the classic dude names you mentioned, like Peter and George, and I think it would be kind of amazing to know of a sibset that consisted of Antoine and George.

    I can also see a name like Ignatius or Leonidas or Ptolemy working for your kid. (How awesome is Ptolemy? Is it just me? My husband didn't even humor me with a verbal response when I mentioned this name. I just got a baleful eye and a slow head shake.)

    I do think Antoine and Malcolm gives off a white guilt vibe. Or something weird.

    I also like:


    Whatever you pick, I know it's gonna be amazing. Congrats again!

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    I really like Cyprian; it would be amazing to use this rare, ancient name. Ambrose is one I'd love to use myself, and again it's a marvelous, ancient name with gravitas that few dare to use. Ambrose and Antoine aren't too matchy; they start and end on the same letter, but all those in-between are different. Leander is cool too. Ignatious is a harder name to wear, but makes an awesome middle. And if you're trending toward ancient saints, don't forget Gregory, Isidore, Leo, Jerome.

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